random shit

I can't think of what to blog about. I feel like there is tons of things going through my mind.

Last time I wanted to blog about how I totally salute and have respect for the Sultan of Selangor. The way he questioned a political party for banning local female artiste like Mas Idayu and Ella to perform at a football match. If you have been reading the papers, you would know what on Earth am I talking about.

Now what can I talk about? hmm other than I'm really satisfied with my blog layout I really can't put my finger on a topic that I want to blog about.

Oh yeah.. I can totally cook lasagna now! woo hoo~ It taste good..but I have to work on my presentation...cuz it looks UGLEHH...see also lost appetite already but when you put it in your mouth... YOU WILL CRAVE FOR MORE.. Bangga gilerr...

I'm semi done with my 3rd painting. I need to get GOLD and SILVER paint. hmmm this Sunday go Art Friend @ MV? Watch Kung Fu Panda? I don't really like going out on Sundays..Cuz its like parents are working..so no transport and its hella lot of people okay. Weekends are a big no no for shopping. I want to shop for more clothes. But damn, I have a lot of clothes already. Maybe I'll shop for music..yeahh music =) there are a few different types of albums that I have been eyeing on for quite some time. * grins *

I can't believe, I'm going to finish my portfolio...and then hand it in...register and start studying again. For 6 months plus I have been awaiting for this moment to come... 6 months okay...NOT 6 weeks...Any idea how boring 6 months can get??? and now, I'm kinda getting all butterflies and scared about it. All the "what if's" start pouring in like a sudden heavy down pour. Get a grip I tell myself! My life is going to start over again.

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