>.< internet connection just a tad sucky now. I am so tired. I had trouble sleeping last night, had to wake up super early for work. After work I went to Mid Valley with Emily, Sau Li and Yeak Hon. We watched The Nanny Diaries. It's really an interesting movie to watch. I like it =] I like it more than Made of Honour even though Patrick Dempsy is good looking =P

I had fun with my friends. We ate at Italianese...yummmm good place. Manage to go Art Friends. LOVE that place. love love love..=] pricey but I still love it. I love the brushes and sketch books...Thank goodness I manage to get what I want. If not...I don't know when I can go out again. Met Aurea over there too...haha

Oh yea...After so long[as in YEARS] I manage to try the "oh so famous/everybody loves" McFlurry Oreo Cookies...?

the verdict: Well it isn't bad lar...don't expect me to go"oh my gosh!I totally love it and I'm going to have it everyday!!!" yeahh right. Like that's going to happen..lolx. I don't love it. I just find it okay lar... Like eating crunchy ice-cream. At least I have finally got to try it~

Work today was bearable. Although Mdm Chong was not in. It went quite well =] I am so glad! I kept on hoping that nothing bad would happen. PHEW! I'm satisfied. I'm starting to really enjoy what I do. I love them to bits!

No one teman me to exhibition tomorrow. =[ Maybe my dad would accompany me. Hope so lar! I'm not used to do these kind of things alone...especially when I need to rely on other people's transport. Hmmm I hope I would be inspired somehow. At least some good outcome. Don't want it to be wasted. Don't want to get disppointed either. *fingers crosses*

*** gosh...please don't pretend. Be true to yourself and everything will just come naturally. It is less stressful that way. Nobody is going to look down on you. If there are ppl who do so then the problem is on them. I can't really take it. Sorry if I was being mean/harsh. Or if I made it obvious. I just can't stand it. I'm glad its done~ I'm glad I get to talk it out. I feel much better. I'm just glad...

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