Wanted to post about Summer Splash but Sau Li,Emily and Jia Von has already posted about it so you can just read it from their blogs. The pictures are about the same as well =) all I can say is that its definitely a new experience for us. Trust me when I say we felt worse than sardines. Ask any of us. But it was definitely a blast minus the few kinks here and there it was definitely a blast. I wouldn't mind going again next year. The music was good too. The local band Estrella rocks...their music is like smooth, jazz... you can just totally chill to their music. I'm going to get their album if its out there! Thanks to Emily, I kinda like techno now. You can just zone out and not care. dangerous but good.

If you have read Sau Li's know that she's accepted into VI, congrats babe. =) hahaha she's gonna get surrounded by guys now. lolx. You should see her during Summer Splash. She was our model of the day! =P hahaha

You guys know I've been complaining about how I am not doing anything at home and I'm still on holiday? Well I'm going to do something about it. My holidays are going to end real soon. Worse, my future is going to end real soon if I really don't do something about it. Its time to take DRASTIC actions! I'm going to make a pact/deal/contract with myself.
I, Huei Wenn/Violetcraze am NOT going to watch the television for no less than 7 days. I would have to fill my time with other appropriate activities other than watching that big black flat idiot screen. *I can't call it a box now can I?* If I failed to do so then my future is going down the drain and I will be a FAILURE.
Incase of you people thinking why 7 days? why not make it 14? well I just thought it would be better to start small. Besides there might be plans next week so I don't want this scheme of mine to fail...I really need this to work, and if it means starting slow then so be it! As long as it is successfull! I absolutely don't want and abhor FAILURE.
Let it begin!
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