oh yea

I'm 90% done! YEA babyyyy...=) with my room..what else? I still have to clear upstairs a little too. I've about less than a month to finish my so called portfolio...Actually I have about a month plus..but I want to submit it in earlier. Better chances of getting in there don't you think??I don't want to let myself or my family down.
Its all about being focus and prioritising! yeah! Yes, I know I promised to post pictures on my portfolio..when its done I'll post it up yea. Don't expect some professional classy artist portfolio... I'm just doing what I'm capable of. =)
So weird, my room its so nice and neat [by my standards] i can't believe its my room. My next goal is to maintain the neatness as long as I can...Maybe I should set it by weeks? maybe 2 weeks? hmmm yea..that is what I'll do=P
Awww, I'm not going to watch Kung Fu Panda this Sunday, plans got canceled...hmmm is it cuz I was too excited about it? Everytime I get overly excited about something is totally backfires. I was getting excited to check out the art shop and hanging out with my friends.Taking pictures, making it permanent memories..that was the main excitement. ahh well, things don't always go as expected. hehe there is next week!
i got to have some sleep!
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