I am an absolute zombie at this moment! =P

I slept around 6.15 am! hahaha and you know who stayed up with me??? hahaha Emily Chong. Madness wei. You know we stayed up so late just to talk about what??? Give you a chance to guess....gossips? NO shopping? NO pillow talk? NO ...we were talking about....*drum rolls* FOOD. all the yummy delicious food.

Yes. Food. We listed every food, delicacies, restaurants, cravings, dessert that we could think of. From Malaysian to Japanese to Italian to African. hahaha. Can you imagine how hungry we got??? I wanted to change topic cuz we were getting so hungry kay? Food leh...but being the Oh So Malaysian we are...We decided to continue talking about food until the clock strikes 6am! Have to sleep...hahaha I can't tahan already. If I just shut my eyes for a minute..wait..less than a minute, I would have fallen asleep!

I thought once I've slept I could sleep right through and wake up in the afternoon. =( No, my internal clock woke me up at 9 something. Besides, I still have a slight cough so I had trouble going back to sleep. Right now, my body is awake, my mind is in space.

I need to do a lot of stuff today! shit...and I'm so tired. I want to watch anime today...=) Ms. Emily is coming over...I need to tidy up my room..haha its a mess. I'm a messy person. =P I have two brothers whom are twins..I'm the youngest. Both my brothers are neater than me. The irony in that huh...oh well! I have to wash my car too! Its so dirty...><

I feel like I'm having a walk in a park. This is a moment in my life where my path seems like its going through a long lonely park. When will I reach the end and start a beginning? Its all up to me. To decide how long I need to walk through the park. I may take my whole life or a whole minute. I know I'm reaching the end, I'm going to start again. A new path. But there is a certain doubt I have in me. Wondering, once I reach the end...will that be THE end? I'm afraid of ending...I never want to end. But somehow EVERBODY has to end somewhere. I just don't want to end mine just yet.


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