Ms Haven't

I have not packed.
I haven't fully prepared my lessons.
I haven't finish my portfolio.
I haven't finish clearing my room~

arrgghhh I should change my middle name to haven't. kidding~ but sucks lar this procrastinating atitude. NOTHING GOOD ABOUT IT AT ALL. Seriously! Tell me what benefits are there? hmmm? I guess tonight I am going to sleep late and tomorrow I am going to wake up early.
sigh, my friends went out to watch movie today. Prom Night...Some sort of last outing before everyone mellows out to college and stuff. Its not like we're not going to see each other again but the time constraint lar. I couldn't join them. =( sorry...well cuz its at night and I have got no transport back. What to do?
I'm still thinking of changing my blog layout. I'm still not this good enough? I have 2hours of piano lessons tomorrow. *NOOOOOO!!!!!*have to replace 1/2 an hour =( aww man... but I like it somehow. I mean I don't dislike piano as how I did wayy back when dinosaurs rule the earth =P plus my teacher is nice and fun~ wakakaka
I have to stop procrastinating...STOP wenn! STOPPPPP!!! *slaps face* *drench face with ice cold water* hmmm I'm worried about the petrol hike.Worried about the future. I think I really need to find a place to stay near THERE. There is no way I'm going to travel for about an hour just to reach THERE and plus with the price of everything increased, there is NO reason I shouldn't stay THERE. @.@
okaayyy I got to go now....Get my lazy butt of the bed and to the piano, finish what I am suppose to do. Then get my butt to my room and start packing for sleepover+summer splash. hurhurr..i finally get to go yo. After how many years of 'suddenly something went on and I can't go'. Please don't disappoint me! Please let me ENJOY! and please don't let something happen yet~
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