just passing through a space of time

Papaya is not my favourite fruit. I don't mind eating eat but I rather not. I might have just develop a papaya phobia?


How do I say this? I feel like blogging about something deep. This is what I am feeling now, or most of the time. I feel like I am a total softie. I guess it begins when you just stop and just try to feel and imagine yourself as the other party. There is a setback though. I start to feel like people start to question my identity or my originality as a person. I'm not trying to be fake. I'm trying to be me or at least a better me. I am trying to develop myself. Trying to understand myself.

Like when you read a book, after you finish a book. Do you ever feel a strong emotion? Whether it was a sad or a happy ending or and ending that leaves you puzzled. It is such a strong emotion that engulfs you and it takes a moment for you to shake out of it. Your breathing just gets deeper and longer. I think that is one of the reasons why I love reading or why I love romantic movies.

Sometimes you look up at the sky and you see the most beautiful scenery you have ever seen or you saw a beautiful flower. I thought 'wow' how can we not be happy with the things we have around us. Like how is all these possible? all of us. Well some might say its science. But still it's so beautiful that you're dumbfounded. Well of course I do enjoy doing stuff like shopping! I am only human aren't I? I am just stressing that sometime taking a backseat and just observing from afar at the little details of everything can be astonishingly refreshing.
I think by feeling something bigger than you or thinking about something that is much larger than what you think you're capable of, then we are that much closer into understanding ourselves. Hahaha to some people I might be just talking shit. hahaha
I'm just having a moment now so let me indulge. =P
I'm just a girl who is just trying to make it work in this oh so simple yet complicated life. Aren't we all doing the same?

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