Today's my last day of the TV strike!
I'm feeling so energetic! I've got ideas for my portfolio...2 more then I've reach the minimum requirement! YES! I feel like I'm on cloud 9...
I need more art paper. My art blocks are sort of finishing. NOOOO ..I'm still considering of changing my blog skin...hmmm. See how first lar..
I slept for 3 hours this evening. Gilerr betul.. Now I'm wide awake and yet a bit sleepy...
Connection is kind of sucky~ MSN is CRANKY. I'm starting to have my usual mood swings again. Like one minute I'm happy then when someone ask me a question I'll be irritated.
I'm suddenly enjoying classical music....ahhh music to my ears~ so soothing...Can just listen to it whenever,wherever.
I've lost my blogging mood...I hope it comes back soon cuz I feel like I've got loads to say!
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