i want to watch tv!

I feel sick and uncomfortable...arghh...but I've had worst... I'm having a slight cough. I'm thinking, *NOOOOOOOOO, this can't be happening to me....AGAIN* sobs. I've never been sick so many times in just 4 months. This would be my 3rd.

I'm so tired. The kindergarten HM called me at 10 am. I was still asleep...=( my sleeping time table got disrupted. She told me the kindy lack of teachers...ask if i could help...I'm thinking *NO* but i can't be so mean lar right. I don't mind helping but not these 2 weeks...I need to quickly settle my portfolio thingy. Maybe I'll tell her that. This coming 2 weeks is going to be one of the most important 2 weeks for me...for now lar...besides I have the urge to practice piano! I can practice like everyday until one day i get bored of doing it. hahaha I'm weird.

I have to think of a way to break it to her. I feel kinda bad. The kindy suddenly short of 2 teachers! and I know....kindergarten is NOT easy to handle. You know how kids are these days...hmph

Its my 3rd day not watching tv. It is a little hard today. Its like a normal routine to take the remote and push those buttons. I almost forgot I was on tv strike! phew! luckily I realised before it was too late.

I need a new piano bag. My current bag looks like its going to die... It was the blu inc bumper rewards 06 goodie bag.What? ReUSE! wow I have been using the back for about 2 years. But its getting thin at the base and I've got a lot of books...We'll see.

I know 2 days ago I was really emo. To those who cared, thanks for caring =)

I know deep down inside my heart and soul that I can make it in this life. Nothing is impossible. Anything is possible. Dreams to come true. Miracles do happen.
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