mood: somewhere between happy,bored,tired,depressed.. well that is what you get if you havent started college and everytime you meet someone they will ask 'how's college life?' or 'have you started college?' =.= not only that you're stuck at home, being a couch potatoe unable to drive on her own because her family and she herself haven't fully trust her driving skills. Blegh...My brain is rotting. I can't stand life without action. I NEED EXCITEMENT. not something ridiculous. *just what are you thinking???*just to keep me busy.

wishing: my hair is long...I want to grow long hair. Don't want to cut anymore...wishing i could go to penang.

wants : to quit being so lazy! urgh... to start working out...lazy and out of shape.. no stamina. a disgrace~

looking forward to : summer splash? If it isn't fun we ditch it and go celebrate my belated birthday okay? I want to celebrate it with friends. Can't miss that out this year...looking forward for a sleepover too ;) college! yea definitely looking forward to it. i wont know how is it gonna be cuz i'm steering into art...gonna try and be artsy fartsy.haha more artsy and none of the fartsy.

my life's drama isn't so dramatic now. Its taking a break. I NEED some DRAMA in my life. it makes life just that much more memorable.


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