Monday, 2 June 2008


SAU LI CUT HER HAIR!!! go see her blog to check it out...

sorry sau li ,for making such a big deal..haha just that its SO SHOCKING~

she looks so cute~ hehehe can't wait to see her on saturday..see I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH. I'm feeling so hyper at the moment....
I washed and waxed my car today. The washing part was fine...quite fun actually. The waxing was ok too..but waxing it off or should I say buff [its like giving your car a manicure!] is tiring.. if you're lazy to work out, washing car is another great option. ;) the bigger the car the better of course... I took my pet tortoise and put it in the car. Its now a resident of the car...
you must be thinking why on earth would I put a tortoise in a car...haha I have 2 pet tortoises in my room...the thing is they don't eat,sleep or even shit. They are plush toys! =P I call them my pets...
Today was kind of interesting! 18 yrs old means you're legal to drink right? anytime and anywhere. Well I did something stupid today. I poured some whisky and dry gin into a cup cuz out of no where I felt like having a drink. =.= HOW STUPID CAN I GET??
Anyway, I poured a little more than I should have...The taste and feeling wasn't really what I thought it would taste and feel like. Btw, I poured the drink into 2 separate cups initially then I mixed them both together. IT WAS STRONG! I think I should have mixed with coke and ice or something. So dumb okay...I couldn't finish it so I thought I cook some lunch and add the alcohol. The first taste was quite good actually until I decided to add all of the remaining alcohol. ANOTHER STUPID MOVE! the food tasted AWFUL. I couldn't even force the food down my throat...urgh so instead of just wasting the alcohol..I had to waste both the alcohol and my lunch.
being curious can sometimes lead to one of the stupidest move ever...serves me right! Lesson learnt..
with love,

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