and so I said....

SCREAMS! i am sick. ARGH. *quickly pops a flu pill and gulp down cough syrup!* damn i hope it works wei.

Yesterday I drove my mum and I to IOI mall. Quite fun and scary at the same time. But my driving better already...woohoohoo~

I got my mojo back! =P I did an artwork last night and I manage to finish it about an hour ago. Its nothing lar...Long time didn't use crayons....time to dust 'em up and use them! hahaha colours from crayons are so MESMERISING its like how insects are attracted to light...*you feel like you want to go near it....feel it....use it...muahahaha* so, what did I do? I bought a new set of crayons..Got 55 colours..I sound so kiddy I know. But we should be versatile and open up to new medias...I already got 2 set of watercolours and 2 sets of poster paint.

I don't just indulge in books,clothes,products you know. I indulge in stationaries and art materials too! hahaha I'll post up the picture tomorrow.

I MISS MY FRIENDS ALREADY. yes sau li, I miss you too...=(

Everybody got new priorities to focus on in their lives now since we are all taking different paths in life. Some are going to form 6, some are taking A-Levels, some are taking the path of science and some like me, are taking the path of arts. Now I start to wonder what will it be like in 5 to 10 years time? How will we change or will we still be the same people but older and more mature. If we meet up will we be back to our goofy child like selves? Or a totally new set of human beings and we have to start over by getting to know each other, judging each other and maybe ending up not liking each others company. That would be a sad thing no?

I feel like in such a DENIAL. 18 years old. 2 more years till we become the big 20! Adulthood. creepiness. I suppose when the time comes we won't know that it hits us...We will already be a part of it. We won't realise until we start to sit at that little corner of our hearts and minds and ponder of our majestic, fabulous,dorky,awkward past. We would probably give a chuckle or two and start reminiscing how silly we were a few years back. STOPPPP!!! before I get old and wise and start telling sentimental,mushy predictions in a grandma like manner!

ahh well...what to do now? ENJOYLARRRR..these will be the best years of our lives! INDULGE while we can.

okay. I got to go prepare myself and my room so it is up to a level where other people can sleep in it. XD

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