something is missing

I'm back. I feel great and yet I have sadness in me, I think I left my heart somewhere it shouldn't be.

I'll blog about PERHENTIAN once I got all the photos.

I'll like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all the people who wished me on my birthday... Thank you for remembering! I appreciate it loads!

LOVE you all ! MUACKS!

A lot of people whom I didn't expect to remember actually remembered my birthday. I'm so touched.

Thanks to all the people who remembered! haha If only words could express the way I feel. It totally made my day!

I know its impossible. We're from two different worlds, you may not feel the same way as the way I did for you. Yet you left a mark. Am I dreaming? I have not felt this way in such a long hurts. I have left my heart with you on the island.

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