I am so happy right now! I haven't felt so good in awhile!
reason: I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST. now you know why i am so happy. =D
another legal driver on the road. A safe one I hope. ;)
and I was really lucky too, I manage to go back early at about 11am. whoopppeee~
I was most worried about the on the road test. Plus I got scolded by the invigilator at the beginning =( but at the end of the road the guy was being nice o.O asking me about my SPM results etc...I was like wth? I think he was trying to test me one my concentration and my coordination. I was already nervous cause I thought i would fail. Besides that the invigilator didn't mark properly. I did adjust my seat and mirror but on the paper he wrote that i didn't. o.O so he minus 2 marks...if not I would have gotten full marks...hmph. Its okay, I don't really mind, at least I PASSED. I didn't pay the bribe. That is what feels so good.

till next time,

I will definitely sleep with a smile tonight!
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