Aren't daisies one of the most beautiful flowers you've ever seen? I think they are absolutely lovely.
I don't really know what does daisies represent but I would like to dedicate these flowers to all the teachers.

It doesn't matter if you are a music teacher,art teacher, school teacher, tuition teacher, kindergarten teacher or a dance teacher. They are all one word, TEACHERS. They teach and we learn. It's teacher's day today. Have you called or text msg your teacher wishing them a Happy Teacher's Day? I hope you have. =) I bet they would appreciate it.

I bet most schools celebrated their teacher's day today. School holidays are starting! haha I don't feel anything lar cuz I'm on a very long break now. I just can't wait to start college. I hope I wont regret my decision and hopefully I'll be as passionate about it as I hope I would be.

Well to all teachers! Happy Teacher's Day! Don't give up teaching and I hope we all will never stop learning. hehe



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