childhood classics

Don't you just love Mary Poppins? I do! I love a lot of classic show and Mary Poppins has to be one of my top favourites. It's been a long time since I watched the show. Its airing on the 24th! @ disney channel. Perfect timing! ;)

Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews. I forgot what are the names of the two kids. But they aren't kids anymore are they?

I think classics are way better than all those modern cartoons that they are showing on the telly these days. I don't mean cartoons like kim possible. But those really really new ones, they look so retarded and uninspiring. They don't let you fantasise and imagine or even dream of all the wonderful possibilites in life.

It's hard to not love Mary Poppins. It is not childish to love that movie. Think about your yesteryears. Imagine how you would always dream of the impossible and in your own wonderful world.

haha I know I'm weird in some ways. Judging by the things that I enjoy. I love classics. Classics like Audrey Hepburn. Absolutely love her.

most of us love reading don't we? Have you ever encounter people who don't really practice reading as a hobby, and they think that reading books are a waste of time,geeky,nerdy and they rather rot/waste their time than to pick up at book.

it absolutely frustrates me that just because they don't like to read they just have to indirectly tell you that its labeled as WEIRD to read[fyi:its not weird to read. That is where you get your knowledge and thinking skills you fool]. Can they just leave you alone with your hobbies. If you don't want to respect it then leave it. Don't pick at it. I wish they'd just fuck off with it.

I'm going to forget about the matter now. Its just a waste of energy.

take the high road and smile,


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