Dear blog,
I'm at home more often now. Feels quite good. I should get my portfolio done and I need to get my butt to school to learn new skills from Pn. Normaliza.

I usually feel lazy when it comes to this kind of 'stuff', like I can't really take the first step. But I can't be like that anymore. To get what I want or to succeed and reach my goal I need to be committed. I need to put my heart and soul into what I do and I need to put in a lot of hardwork.
We're all growing up. 18 yrs old already. Almost adults. Have to stand on our own feet. Face the real world. Dramatic sial. hahaha I'm going to Perhentian Island next week. I'm going to find a way to get myself a new camera. I can't stand my old camera. It was a mistake buying Olympus! DON'T buy olympus. Function sucks. Battery life sucks.
my mind just suddenly go blank. I'm actually thinking what else I can write about. I'm actually watching America's Next Top Model Cycle 9.
So uninspiring to stay at home sometimes. Nobody is at home. I can't go out to because there isn't any car available at home. Besides that, I'm not very good at my driving. I am not use to the road and the speed. I'm used to driving Kancil. I practice with that car for about 20 hours. Driving a Myvi is so different. Tak biasa. sigh...PRACTICE. I NEED PRACTICE!!!
I'm wasting space only with all these 'nothing to write' feeling.
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