It's 3 am so technically Mother's Day was yesterday. I saw most of the people's blog and almost everyone wrote about Mother's Day.

Let's see, I didn't prepare anything special or outrageous this year. My whole family seems kinda mellow about the matter. I did wish her and I bought her a carnation. One stalk and it was in pale pink. I did not take a picture of it so you guys just have to settle for something similar.

My mummy dearest. To each and everyone of us, our mums holds a special place in our hearts. We would never dream of replacing them because they are the ones whole cuddle us when we were young. They are the ones who protect us from the baddies, they are the real heroes. Super mums. They have to go through our teenage nightmares.

Although I get mad at my mum at times I still love her. She and my dad are the ones who push me to be better. She's my cool mum. She is cooler than me. I tend to mummy her instead of the other way round.

I can always talk to her. She is like my friend. I really have no idea what am I ever going to do if my mum is not there. Mum, I love you so much. I'm so sorry that I tend to disappoint you with my slacker atittude and I'm so sorry you have to go through my roller coaster moods. I promise I'm to try my best and be a better person. I know I have become more mature, stable and strong with my own principles and that is all because of you.

Eventhough yesterday was Mother's Day I attended a small teacher's day celebration. So cool right! haha I'm considered a teacher...awww..haha kindergarten teacher. wahahaha

It was very enjoyable. I guess I can say I did have a good time. =)

It was held at the Pearl International Hotel. Ate dim sum. haha didn't see Justin there I guess he doesn't work on Sundays?

this is Vicky, a new teacher. She's more chinese than me btw. The lil girl sitting there is the HM's daughter. Super uber CUTE! so adorable. hahaha and a young fashionista! her mum says she loves handbags..aww

this new teacher, vicky, she totally insulted me just now. I was kinda pissed off with her.

I know I am a chinese illiterate. But hey, I'm working on it and I've improve. Usually I'm not insulted when someone gets a shock of their lives cause a chinese does not know their so called own language. I'm way over that stage. But somehow she manage to insult me. She called me a banana in the most horrible manner.

she freaking made a big deal out of it. I was like wtf! isshh...whatever. Btw, she's 25 yrs old and getting married. My brothers are the same age as her. The way she acted was so childish. -__-" I find her quite okay. Very socialble. [did i get the word right?]

The day before that, Amanda and I went to MV to somewhat shop and watch movie. But we only manage to walk around, cam-whored and buy doughnuts.

she totally fell in love with this dress! haha

and I didn't fall in love with mine. I looked like I was blast from the past! From the 70's I think. All the hippy moments. Amanda says I look like a rich datuk's wife...-__-"

reliving our childhood memories. So weird lar..haha the merry-go-round was so small. Had only like 4 horses.

tadaa~ so malu lar! fun but awkward. I had to calm myself down for a moment before going on the horse, SO many people was around. But when it was amanda's turn there wasn't anybody around...=.=

but it was one of the highlights of the day. Do something silly like that..hahaha

she was stalking me with her camera.So I stalked her with mine. haha in the toilet.

I fell in love with this halter top from topshop. But quite pricey. I'm not ready to spend that much on a top. We both love the top. I know it looks blue but it is SO purple. My fave....

at the end of the day I was so exhausted. We went to MV after work. We didn't get to see much also. We spend a few hours window shopping.

I'm having piano class in a few hours. Haven't practice...*horror*

going to Perhentian next week. EXCITED!



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