You said the things we said hurt you most of the time.
The words we used, and we never care for your feelings.
But has it cross your mind the that things you said has hurt us too?
Have you cared for our feelings with those harsh words of yours?
We never said a word but you are allowed to express your feelings and make me feel like dying. I love you that much, that much that it makes me want to die because I am hurting you when I am alive.
Until the day that I can't stand it any longer is the day where all ties shall be broken.
You'll regret saying those words to me.
All those harsh words since young that haunts me until the present day and that strips me bare from the shield that I carry around me ever so tightly.
You think people all around you are trying to hurt you and they are very bad.
You might be right, but have you ever thought that the people might have some difficulties or hardships.
You are judgemental to others but you.
I am so frustrated.
I am crying, crying so much that it hurts.
You have no idea how much pain you have inflicted upon me.
I'm sorry I have cause you pain.
If only you know THE PAIN you caused me...
but I dare not let you know in fear that you can't except it.
I love you too much to let you know.
but if this goes on too long I might have to do it.
And I really hope its for the better.
Forgive me for this.
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