What a day! I went to work at 8am...I am so tired these few days. I have been going to work really early these few days because there was some sort of emergency. I kind of enjoyed teaching to primary school kids because it is less stressful and less tiring. I introduced the job to Amanda and she will now be teaching the primary. So I guess I will be taking care of the kindergarten kids. I do care for them and I do like them but one person looking after 15 kids is a little too ridiculous. I have not gotten my salary yet...sigh i really hope I would get some help or atleast let me teach the kindergarten kids. I need to talk to the headmistress.

Got kind of sick today. Ate something wrong...argh....but I had charcoal tablets.

Dad's car kena accident..stupid drunk driver....everyone is okay...my dad's car was parked.
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