My bro ffk'ed me to go jogging. RAWRRR I think he slept late last night. Oh well...I am not used jogging alone. Feel so awkward. We both need the exercise anyway
I am going to miss those rascals. I kinda like saturday art class. The crayons they used are so so so PRETTY and COLOURFULL. I feel like buying them and start colouring 'kids style' but I already have crayons at home.
I'm relieved, it is less tiring on Saturdays. I've still got a lot of things to learn though. You know in school there are always the 'good teachers' who can teach and the 'lousy teachers' who can't teach. I think I fall under the category of 'lousy teachers' I do try my best to work hard. hmmm But I don't have natural talents for teaching like people who have green fingers that can work magic in a garden.
Currently looking for inspirations for my portfolio.I'll be going back to Saujana more often starting from May. I need to work my ass off with my piano too! I'm taking my grade 8 practical exam next year April. *gasp*
Starting my FIRST driving lesson in a few hours time. I bet I suck at it. Lets hope I don't. ;)
My bro is going to get a NEW CAR! wheee~ so happy..Then I can borrow his car to practice driving.
My mind,hands and heart are itching to start studying. I am interested to learn about art history.
My plan for today is to SPRING CLEAN my room. It is a freaking mess I can say. I'm not going to show you any pictures cause you might just faint and become unconscious due to the horror state of my room.
toodles till later!
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