today i helped out with the primary school kids. Less hassle, less stress and also less cute. hahaha Kids are much more tiring but they are so adorable. I kinda miss them... there's this lil boy whose name is Isaac, I ask him to take his water BOTTLE and he would say water WATER. I'm feeling much more relax.
tomorrow, driving lessons...going to take the exam real soon. I'm quite worried about the JPJ route.
this thursday is LABOUR'S DAY! no work! haha no piano class. SO happy. after this week I would only work ONCE a week.
So my life is pretty much like that lor. Nothing happening at the moment. Can't drive can't explore. Mum tends to treat me like a kid sometimes. haha growing up already lor...almost adult lor. Sometimes I behave like a kid. I don't think I am fully ready to be an adult yet. But time and experience will change that.
I managed to see Mr Siew just now. Suppose to meet him with friends but everybody's schedule is so different and to get it done I just went and see him. not too bad lar...still same old Mr Siew. hahaha =)
oh yea..I finally finish watching God(?) Save Our King! I heard that there is a season 3!*screams* haha not that dramatic lar..but I am kinda hooked on it. I also like to watch Maria Watches Over Us. The latest one that I really really want to watch is called La Prima Corda or something like that. I love it when all the characters are exceptionally good looking.Even though its animated and its fiction. lolx
okay lar...

time to say toodles!

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