random emotions

I'm actually feeling quite hungry...hmmm but it is so late or should I say so early in the morning. I quite addicted to anime now, God(?) Save Our King! I borrowed Emily's dvd. The complete set...I have to finish watching it so I can return....I'm so into the story. Even cried. sighhhh...I have not felt real emotions in awhile. Life is passing by me just like that. I work 6 days a week and on Sunday is the only day when I can totally rest.

I'm sorry, to all my friends. hmmm I feel so heartless at times. I'm missing out on outings. I hope I don't sound cold or seemed like I have changed. Maybe I have. Life has made me change.Growing more mature. Learning how to think properly and prioritised.

Ate at A&W the other day, I could have chosen Manhattan Fish Market so why did I choose A&W? I guess I was hoping to meet a familiar face the once I knew so well. I'm being silly. Its already over a million years ago and I'm already over it but why do I act so silly and think that I want those moments back. I started the ending without wanting it to end. Because of me it really ended. Sigh...but I'm really over it. Its just that sometimes...I get some 'moments' which I cant describe.

I hope my friends are doing okay. Justin and Sau Li especially. You guys will get through it okay? stay strong! =) you have friends to help you get through it!

It took me a very long time to get back on track with my life. Almost a year. It took me almost a year to be able to look at him and be okay. Although it seems like I have gotten over it but in my heart it was still there. I thought I was over it but I wasn't. Last year november, I got nervous...But I'm glad I made it through. I am proud to say that I'm really okay now.

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