MORNING! Mum just woke me up. Need to get ready to follow her to work. Later at 11am I am having my piano class. So tired. I was suppose to do a lot of things last night but I slept till morning. Just now when I woke up I felt I could sleep for another day. I know I might sound whiny but HONESTLY, 15 kids is way TOO MUCH for me to handle. But i decided to go through it. After all I am only working until April. I don't mind working on Saturdays so which mean I only have 12 more days of horror. Just 12..and I am getting paid....I need to keep reminding myself that.
I went to MIA and Cenfad yesterday. Art colleges are really much much much more different! Everything is so messy. But its kind of cool to stray away from the generic idea of college or university. Everyone including me thinks that a university or a college is suppose to look a certain way. I sort of made up my mind on where to go. But I need to finalise some issues first then I will confirm. I am actually scared of this decision. Society's idea of people who take science stream is to study science or at most business. Their view and support on the idea to study art is bleak and disappointing. Yes, that scares me a little. Moreover, art courses are a lot more different. It isn't about studying, its about progressing,improving your skill and having a lot of passion for it. Lots of hardwork needed a lot of deadlines to meet. Those who have done projects under Pn. Normaliza would understand how it feels like. =)
okay! got to go now...
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