I'm in a FOUL MOOD. raging hormones i suppose. Everything seems to tick me off. My cough isn't getting any better. It is making my head hurt and my throat and lungs feel as though it is going to explode. Because of my cough I am sleeping with a fan these few days. No air conditioning. It seems that my cough gets worse during the night. Making it hard for me to sleep. Mind you I do enjoy my sleep. Tomorrow it is going to be a long day...T.T
I am suppose to go jogging with my brother tomorrow morning but since my cough is in a terrible state we are going to do brisk walking. At least still got excercise lar...Must learn how to practice a healthy lifestyle. I wanna be more fit. Then after that I will be having my piano class. I also have to attend work earlier. Got some sort of meeting. FINALLY I am getting some help for the day care. PHEW!!!! damn relief okay. Imagine little kids who aren't potty trained and don't know how to shit properly. urgghhh enough to make you vomit. During these two months its really an eye opener. Kids are actually really really smart. They would study you and judge what kind of person you are so they know how to behave and get what they want. In a way the older we get the stupider we are...o.O
Gonna work a little longer to help the other teacher get used to my job..Need to help out with the primary school kids as well cause they have their mid term exam coming up in May.Can't wait for May! haha birthday coming up!!! yay..
Oh yea, I have this shopping urge recently. After getting my salary to be exact. Hahaha. I feel like buying accesories and clothes...hmmm I also need to get a new camera. I feel like getting a bike too. sigh everything also $$$$
okie got to go now! need to prepare for my piano class tomorrow!

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