I shouldn't have gotten mad. I'm so sorry. I am feeling so bad now. I shouldn't have gotten mad at my dad. He was just trying to be nice. Sigh...What's up with me??? I'm naturally hot tempered but I get cranky easily. My mood is pretty much unpredictable.These days I get pretty ticked off easily. I need a change. RENEWAL is what I need. Yup...I need to renew myself.

please forgive me for all my wrong doings. All I ever wanted to do is to make you proud of me. I have always wanted to be acknowledged and recognised. I always compared myself with my brothers because they seem to make you guys feel so proud of them. I am often upset with my achievements because it never seem to be as good as theirs. I have always felt like a blacksheep of the family. I know how you feel about me taking this course. I'm going to give all I can to prove to you and to show you. I know I am a somebody not a nobody. In this life I am going to be a somebody.

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