hmmm feeling so negative.
I need to vent out my frustrations and dilemma. I am having stress. I just check out a few more places and based on their websites it seems kind of good? Told my dad and he said no, we must check out the place first. I was like...yea I know I am just saying that their web page is not bad. *screams* I am stressing out over this, so of course I want to do it properly. I am not going to some ciplak place and surrender my future there okay. I am often misunderstood and when something is wrong I seem to be the main suspect. I feel like I have a label that says 'I am a CRIMINAL' plastered on my forehead.
Damn emo just now, almost cried when I came back from work. That is the 2nd time already. First time was when I just started the job. Now its because its just too much that it is ridiculous. I am no Nanny Mcphee or Mary Poppins. Got to do something about it. I am on the verge of tears when my dad fetch me and I told him about the day. Buat baik dibalas jahat. That was my feelings.I still feel that way though.
Does anyone know or can anyone tell me which art college or institue is good? or can anyone recommend. My knowledge on existing art institutes are minimal. I need to find out more.My future depends on it.So dramatic. lol! I think I am going to see Puan Normaliza tomorrow. See what has she got to say.
I am missing my friends. I am not really missing school though. I feel so weird, I thought I would miss it a lot but surprisingly i really don't have any feelings. How odd! haha heartless arse I am I suppose. So much for being emotional.
Not feeling a slight sore throat and cough. Going to get sick. I haven't start my driving lessons yet. Got some complications with the driving school. UNEFFICIENT is the only word to describe that school.
I need to stop complaining and feel so down...gotta get my spirits up!
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