I have just gotten better and now I AM SICK AGAIN. damn sui lar.
I think I know how i got sick AGAIN. That little spoilt mummy's boy from the art class who coughs right in front of your face without covering his mouth. RUDE and DISGUSTING wei. Super eeww okay. I was feeling so much better and pretty much cured without seeing the doctor and lookie here. BAMMM I got sick again.
It was just yesterday. The residential party was yesterday. Was okay lar...Quite boring but the even was considered succesful. I didn't get to make new aquantainces -_- oh well.
Today a bit sucky lar. I woke up not feeling well. My throat feels swollen and I had a tummy ache. I ate lunch...then later I vomited almost my whole lunch...My bro asked me whether I am bulimic....wth -____- you don't see me rushing to the toilet after meals do you?
Well then me and bro went to Sunway Pyramid to get a basketball and a present for his ex-colleague. You know what is so damn annoying? Sports shop that focuses more on fashion than selling sports equipment. We went to every sports shop in the whole mall and NONE sold basketball. Only some of them sold football.. NONE...omg. We HAD to go to Jusco to get a miserable basketball. They only had ONE type. How miserable is that???? Regret donating the nike basketball to Salvation Army lar...
Going to Sunway Pyramid makes me feel like shopping. So many things I want to buy. So many PREETTTYYY things. Going to get my salary real soon. Starting from next month I will only work once a week. How fabulous is that! hehehe
Ohhhh I had to miss my ex school carnival yesterday. Even though for some reason I don't miss high school but still its nice to meet up with people. I missed the chance to see Pn. Normaliza's GIANT snake and ladder. I had to work until 4.30 yesterday. 8 1/2 hours...=.=
Can't wait till May comes. Feeling excited about the Perhentian Trip and the things I planned to do. I've been wanting to visit an art gallery for so long. I'm going to try and make it happen. I hope I'll get to pass my driving test. Its just around the corner.... I have to be calm and not panic.
My blog is getting boring. I'm going to upload pictures soon. Maybe after next week?
I crave for shopping...I feel like buying books. ;)
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