benadryl addiction


I LOVE BENADRYL at this moment because it is the only thing that can relief me from my cough. Oh yea, the Fishermans Friend lozenges is a HUGE help too! I used to hate that sweet cause its so minty and bitter. But I can SO totally handle lemon flavoured. Strepsils are pretty much useless and Fishermans Friend is SUGAR FREE. ;) sound like a bloody promoter.

Going for my 3rd driving lesson tomorrow. Have to get up early...='(

But I do enjoy learning how to drive. I can't wait to learn more!!!

May is coming! I'm so happy!!! hahaha I'm going to Pulau Perhentian for a holiday with my piano teacher and another one of her students. How awesome is that..? We're going there with other people whom I do not know but it'll fun to meet new people! hurray hurray

I NEED to:
  • get a new camera
  • pay for the trip
  • buy a basketball

It is easier to excercise while when you are playing a sport. Much more fun too. The basketball that we used to have was donated to salvation army when we shifted house. gerammmm now have to get a new one.

BTW, I'm contemplating whether to get my hair straighten. I have more bad hair days than good ones. The first time I straightened my hair was when I was in form 1. That was also my last time. Today was a good hair day for me. Very happy. But now...sigh. Should I? Should I not?

I don't want to work anymore....I really really really want to concentrate on other issues. Parents advised me to talk to the BOSS and say I can't extend my services to the kindy...hmmm I hope I get to see her tomorrow. Its true lar what my parents say. Plus I really need to make sure that I do GET in if not my future is down the drain....

My dad seriously advised me to enjoy the long holiday that I am having now. Don't extend my work cause I only work there to get some experience which I did.



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