yes! theory exam is finally over! I really really hope I pass...I don't want to fail for the second time, it would be so embarrassing. Damn happening this week I suppose. I went for the 6 hours of listening at the driving school which was so boring and I was so tired, the first one and a half hours I was concentrating on NOT falling asleep and today I had my theory exam. Finally *drum roll pls* on WED...the moment we have been waiting and dreading to happen, our RESULTS! *screams!*

I don't know what to expect. I am worried if I get bad results. I dare not expect, I'm worried I'll get disappointed. sigh....I'm pretty much debating with myself, in my mind. I'm trying to calm myself and not get too worked up about it. My future is also under construction...I think I have a general plan but I can guarantee anything.

Well the good thing is I think I am getting better at my job. =)*big grins* tomorrow will be my seventh day which means I survived 1 WEEK! hip hip hurray!

Elections are over. Shocking news right? Well people are starting to think, they are more educated and proactive....We'll just see how things goes.

nitey nite,
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