What a tired day. Last night was my cousin's wedding. Everyone seems better dressed as compared to the first time I saw them during the first dinner for the girl's side of the family. The first time I had to sit alone with my cousin. But thankfully it wasn't disastrous, awkward but still okay. At that time I realised that we both have a lot of things in common! lucky me..

Last night we arrived earlier...so split lar of course...I sat with my brothers. I saw some relatives that I have not seen in a long long time and some I have not seen before. There was this uncle whom migrated to New Zealand. I have no recollection of him and he does not remember me as well. haha He only remembered my brothers...well he, his wife and his eldest son came...his son is good looking. hahaha 5 yrs older...

So today, a lot of my relatives came a visit. Good and bad. Good in the sense its good to have visitors in your house..bad in the sense that they stay really really long and its so FREAKING tiring. FYI I am not close with my relatives..at all..I see them at least once a year...so visiting them is already quite awkward for me. Plus I am a private person...and I think my family is kind of private. My bro pointed out that if I were to stay in a hostel and to share a room, I would face some difficulties. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH HIM...

that's all for now... actually my main point of blogging now was just to say that my cousin is cute. haha good looking. =P

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