I have to take care of 12 people today! =( so tiring, and one of them wet himself while sleeping. O.o I was like what????!!!! shit. Nevermind, he is only 3 years old....they are so hyperactive. Endless energy.

Today's theme is HEADACHE. Since I have gotten my results...Have to start filling up application forms. Dad recommend me another type of course....got me thinking again...and the headache starts. I am so blur. I don't know what I want and all this new ideas keep coming in. Now I am sticking to the original course. Dad sort of put my mind at peace.

Going to school tomorrow. Need to get my certs certified...I haven't get my 'L' license yet...everybody already passed their driving exam...I'm so slow. -.-"

I hope tomorrow won't rain in the evening. I want the kids to go out and play. Let them use up their energy over there instead of on me. I don't seem to frighten them. Whenever I scold them they are not scared. They couldn't care less...-.-" but when the other teacher scold them it makes a different. Am I not fierce? I feel like a joke.... I don't care haha i'll just work for another month and then I'm out of here.

Piano class starting on Thursday. Kind of excited? But my fingers are like hard as ever and rusted. Long time didn't play or practice. All these while I have been focusing on my theory...argh...I hope I pass! Yes I can pass!

I really want to start uni soon. It is killing me man. I am feeling so rusted.....I don't want to keep thinking about what course to take and I want to start anew. This time I want to study real hard to be the best. No more like high school. Life does not suck don't get me wrong but I want to start a new adventure. At this moment I don't mind getting out of here....Somewhere new is quite refreshing sometimes...sigh, is this a sign of a loner's life? I hope not.

I miss everyone. All my friends. Wish I could hang out with them more...but timing..everything is timing...oooo my housing area is having a residents party in April. How fun! Can't wait to see what are they going to do!Hope I get to meet new people and friends.

Hope For The Best,Expect The Worse

with much love,
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