judgement day is OVER for now ...


I was so nervous. I reach school at about 10.35 am. I didn't really bother taking the results so early cause it is never given out on time. But when I reach there, I saw Kimberly crying o.O So I asked her what happen. She was really upset. Then I start to worry ALL OVER AGAIN. I met Jia Von on the way. hehe her mum gave a good advice. "it is not where you begin but where you end" That soothe me a little.

I went there and most of my friends had taken their results. I went to my class 'booth' sat down and signed. Then my results slip.....Pn. Azlin said congratulations and my hands were shaking! argh....then when I saw what I got...I started CRYING! I broke down and cried....hahaha so silly.I was so happy, I got more than what I targeted for....

The funny part was that everyone thought I got bad results. When I went to see my bro and dad they were shocked that I was crying. They were thinking sure kantoi already. hahaha My parents didn't expect much because they say I was lazy the whole year....=.="

I got 7A's and 4B's! I expected 4 or 5. So happy!!! My bm got A1! =) I called my tuition teacher... she was shocked when I told her I got A1 for bm. She expected I'll get a B or an A2. I felt so funny. Most of my friends did well...=) happy for them!

Everyone wanted to go Mid Valley, I couldn't go...So instead I went for lunch at Sweetbean with Emily and her sis, Marianne. =) I still owe her 10 bucks....they made their dad drove off before I could pay them back...grr! I'll find a way!

slept with a frown and woke up with a smile
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