gasp! so long didn't blog! not good not good...

well the thing is I have been so tired I just couldn't be bothered to blog. >.<
Even though all I have to do is look after kids. Looking after kids is tiring okay! I'm still going round the mulberry bush. ugh still have not decided! Everyday I would have a different decision! I feel like a coward... COWARD! ugh

Another thing, blogging without pictures is kind of boring too. I need to take pictures! of something...ANYTHING...@.@

I've just started a personal diary...again....this time way much more fun and it looks AWESOME. I had to use a school hard cover book...lame lame lame...but I'm definitely going to 'funk' it up! I'm cutting out all the things that I like...artiste..celebrities..brands...clothes...and paste them into the book. So exciting...hopefully I could maintain it.

My piano teacher gave me a SUPER DUPER early birthday present! haha she's worried she won't be able to see me by May in case I go off to uni. Aww so sweet of her right? weelll its a BRACELET! by nike from their new line "this is Love". Limited edition...well she got it from a fashion show preview...Totally love it!and its my favourite type of bracelet...and it has my favourite shape on it...awww I'm going gaga over it.

This sat is Hari Anugerah Cemerlang...I heard that my sch has 54 ppl who got 6A's and above! Banyak gila! I feel so common now..but i'm still happy...I'm going to get like 1/2 day to be at work by 12.30..but after 2pm I want to go out!!! I want to watch movie....damn long didn't watch and I just want to go out. out Out OUT...

my bed is calling me from afar....

love,love and more love,
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