bad day

To me it actually started as a good day. Really, I was smiling...but the day ended so badly until my head hurts. I'm having a slight headache now....I absolutely hate it when I can do my job properly. In anything I do...If its not done properly or in other words the way I think its correct I'll absolutely by in a FOUL mood. ARRRGGHHH perfectionist or absolutely mental? I guess I am a little to rigid at times. I need to loosen up.

I met an old senior...I used to have the longest crush on him.>.<. Since form 1 till form 2/3. He's working now...its so nice to see him again. I was right...he IS cute. lolx, someone asked me before why I used to like him even when I have absolutely NO idea what kind of person he is. I just said cause he's cute o.O hahaha I was happy to see him again...cause its nice to see someone you know...
But it was so weird. I asked the lamest and most obvious question. I feel like a DORK -.-" but it ended quite well? haha i hope so lar...don't want to make a bad impression or in my case a dorky impression.

Anyway, after that I went to work, one word to describe today "DISASTER" everything was not under my control. The room was in the mess, kids won't listen. I feel so bad in the sense like a bad employee. I dislike the feeling that I can't do a job or responsibility properly. But a friend said a reassuring word or two and I felt loads better. I am going to find a way to de-stress tomorrow. I don't care if I have to go out alone as long as I go out. Maybe catch a movie. I have longed to catch a movie alone. Curious to know how it feels like.

I'm in love with my piano again. lolx. My teacher gave me some new songs to play and I am excited over them. Music is a good way to de-stress.


may music always be part of life

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