penang trip

The trip to penang was GREAT! I had lots of fun and the weather was GREAT too..haha So happy this CNY. Everything feels so much better.

4th day of CNY, 1st day in Penang
finally reaching Penang! It was a long drive....7 hours just to reach there =( I slept pretty much most of the time...hehe

We stayed at Good Hope Inn. It wasn't too bad. Comfortable...

My dad was acting goofy. lolx

One of the bed...not too bad lar...It is not fancy but comfy...the room was quite small actually.The toilet was narrow...@.@
The view outside the room...That building is called La Palazzo...The buildings here are so nice and the I lurve the designs..The old buildings are somewhat Victorian styled.
in the room...everybody so tired and I'm cam whoring...I was actually watching tv. Some silly channel where it is all chinese actors speaking BM...damn retarded man their accent...urgh

Had dinner at a hawker area...the pizza was soo yummy! better than Pizza Hut and Domino's !
They really used wood fire! damn cool...An old couple was operating the shop. They were so friendly and patient.
Round and round we go around Penang..In the car on the way to my godmothers house!
Some random building!

2nd day in Penang
Penang Museum!!! lolx...quite interesting but pretty boring...Quite empty and a little eerie...those who are learning history about when Francis Light came to penang etc etc could come here to understand it better.
In the car
going to makan cendol...

the pink ashtray suddenly fascinated me...lolx damn lame. As you can guess I was so bored. I mean what is so special about a pink ashtray????
That night my 2nd bro brought us to some ulu kampung area to have seafood.It is called Teluk Kumbar. The place was so hidden and packed with people! The food was good! Very fresh and so cheap. People in Penang are so much more calmer than Kl. Kl people rush like nobody's business especially when you want to order food. Kl people would blurt out the whole menu and for people who are slow with their cantonese or a banana like me would totally blank out. In penang is so different. They would patiently explain what is the food about or how it is cooked...
inside the shell.
some sharp sea creature. No idea what is it called but quite tasty...I forgot what it is called. Imagine you are eating balitong.. but better.

earlier that day we went to a famous pet shop called Chew Yean Theang. Not suppose to take pictures...but this was before I kena marah...=( Horned toad or something. hehe
its a fish...can you see? It was so weird. Many weird looking fishes. Some of them were huge! seriously creepy. But one thing I did not like about the aquarium, they dye the fish. So cruel and ugly! They draw chinese words on the fish...dye weird colours on them They look like they got some disease or got chased by loan sharks...urgh

they even have a Malaysian Giant Tortoise. The endangered species...It was so cute![fyi: i am a tortoise lover!] it was about 130 yrs old. Amazing...

3rd day in Penang
on the way to Bukit Mertajam to visit St. Anne's church. Have no idea why I was so tired.
St Anne's Church! Mum and dad hehe. The church was built in 1888! Its 120yrs old! The church is amazing. The compound is huge and the architecture was just amazing! It is so beautiful and calm. Everything is so serene and comforting.
The place for me was breath taking. I wouldn't mind going there again. The place just makes you feel good. Haha don't worry I am not brain washing anybody to be religious, i just enjoy the place especially the architecture and design.
see! that is located next to the church as seen above. That is another hall I suppose. Huge hall...
One of the buildings..the corridor.
The sunlight was good. hehe got a slight tan. Healthy glow!

at the back of the church....It is called St Anne's hill. quite steep and tiring to climb.I was so lacking of stamina! but it was refreshing to know that...not! hehe
At the top. Dad didn't follow me up. I took this picture by myself. hehe

closer view of the bigger hall. One of the most grand church that i have seen so far.
The original St. Anne's church...
Bukit Mertajam's Assam Laksa...o.O and it cost only cheap! It was unbelievable. It was quite okay. It a fusion between indian rojak and assam laksa.
on the way back home...I miss Penang but I can't wait to get back! On the way back...Pollution sucks man. Some factory obviously not filtering the smoke. Idiot. I hope the person responsible gets sick from the smoke.

Kimberly tagged me..but I'll do it another day okay? way too tired.

with much love,

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