Finally! haha finally i am able to blog without any disturbance. Plus i was lazy ;)

HK day 1. luggage. hehe didn't want to bring so many things so I can buy more things over there! hehe. This was taken I think around 4 something in the morning? =( we had to wake up so early because we are on the first flight.

I didn't want to take so many pictures cause I was new in a foreign country. I don't trust ANYONE!!! hehehe just to be on the safe side lar. Plus we had to find our way around by ourselves before we met up with the tour. Can't blame me for being cautious...FYI my mandarin and cantonese sucks okay. Ppl could be bringing me around the world I still can't get what their saying. pfft
me! i was upset with my mum, she didn't take the pic with the chinese word....=(

Well we sat the MTR. This is Mongkok station as you can see. We were on our way to the airport to meet up with the rest of the tour. We took a different flight there cause we got free tix. We arrived at Shen Zhen China and from there we made our way to Hong Kong. Geng le..
I forgot where was this place...@.@

in the Express Train to the airport.

we took the express train cause its faster and cheaper as compared to taking a bus or a taxi. Taxi would cost less than 400 hk dollars. Crazy expensive. Taking the express train cost less than 200hk dollars and FASTER!
view of hk city...moments before the laser show. Happens every night.

I didn't really enjoy the laser show. It wasn't as grand as I thought it would be. The music was TOO SOFT to feel the excitement.But it wasn't too bad lar.

freezing cold!
I think it was 18 degrees? I don't really remember. It was windy and cold. I do enjoy the weather there but i can easily feel cold. Come on lar...even in M'sia I can complain that it is cold in the car cause of the air conditioning.
the great leslie cheung.

I didn't really dare to take picture with him. The models at Mdm Tussaud's wax museum has a creepy feeling to it at some point. Like with leslie's. I can feel the chill at the nape of my neck....The wax museum is located at Victoria's peak. We couldn't see much as we were rushing for time. The wax museum was closing.

I didn't know Princess Diana was SO TALL! sobs...i feel so short...she's a foot taller than me okay..

if only he could help me with my physics!Then i would not have nightmares during spm. hah!

the oh so sexy Marilyn Monroe.


We went to Lan Kwai Fung after that. But i was having a terrible headache so I stayed in the bus.

HK day 2
It was raining. Can't really enjoy it much. HK disneyland is not a fun place to go. =.= all the rides there are for KIDS. Lil kids...
We had to buy the raincoat. So ugly and DAMN expensive. I REFUSE to wear it. But at one point i had to. Oh well... I just realised that my sea coloured pants....does not look so nice...the colour looks kind of weird. hehehe

goodbye Disneyland! I won't miss it.
pretty flowers

I love this one!

HK day 3
Mum and I at a temple.

this "fishing village" is going to be demolished in april...after that ppl who lived on the boats have to migrate to land.


A gift to the chinese from the portugese. They did not make a good job of imitating the Goddess of mercy though. Many people said that it looked more like the Virgin Mary.

We went to a casino called Babylon. The 3rd time I went in I got caught. In my mind I was like WTF! I am 18 in like 3 months! What DIFFERENCE does 3 months make. I wanted to argue so badly!

Then at night we went to Venetian. The biggest casino in Macau. EXPENSIVE place. After walking around the shopping area we wanted to go back. The short cut is to walk through the casino. The whole group which was 13 of us walk and the guard looked at me straight away! GEEZ do I have a sticker that says ''UNDERAGE! RED ALERT'' that is plastered on my forehead. I felt so bad to the tour group and my mum for making them walk extra. I was the youngest in the tour.
above the casino. Nearest thing to Michealangelo. hehe just kidding
Do I look THAT YOUNG???seriously...I always thought i looked mature for my age. Ppl always think that I look older than my age. When I told my dad about it, he just kept on laughing and couldn't get over it. pfft

Shen Zhen, China day 4-6
Felicity Hotel. The view is great.

the maiden of the fishing village.

Zhu Hai used to be a fishing village. This town is only 25 yrs old. still young and beautiful.

the hand bag i got frm HK disneyland. Cute right. =)

Japanese Garden
Angkor Wat

bunch of hungry fishes

Taj Mahal, India
St. Marks square, Venice

Niagra Falls
The WTC.
9 dragons wall.

forbidden palace

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