Chinese New Year!!!


Happy Chinese New Year to everyone...

all I can say is that everything is getting better. I cannot guarantee that it won't get worse but for now it is better. Thanks to my family =) and thanks to a friend whom I manage to talk to.

I have not go any photos for CNY yet =( my camera is somewhat dying...

This year so far has opened my eyes. I saw people...their character and what I thought was true has been fake and lies. It may be unintentional but right there and then, what was so obvious had been oblivious.

ANYWAY, enough about that...I am enjoying my CNY! so far so good. Foods good. Environments good. My dad manage to get very fresh red was and my bros were like 'how are we going to finish it?' and we have TWO of them...@.@ but its was fresh and yummy.
hmmmm fish for CNY...good lar...good fortune..hahahaha 'every year got fish'

We went to Malacca some ang paus..hehe the weather was quite hot but bearable but I had headache pangs...right now I am at home rotting trying to drink more water and eat less...hahaha

I have to pack later. Going to Penang tomorrow!!! Can't wait actually..It has been a long time since the last time I went there, to the place where I was born.


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