wow i think i am doing triple post today....FUN! haha

its LIP XIN's birthday today. Happy Birthday! =) I wonder how does it feel to be born in January..hmmm

lets see...I'm at home now...duh...=.= in the midst of watching a movie, doing house chores, blogging, facial and thinking of adding practicing piano to the list. long long list..haha Multitasking! can't live without it...

Now i am thinking...why did people invent the phrase "live and let live " and "forgive and forget". okay lets talk about the latter... I know sometimes its hard to forgive but sometimes forgiving makes your live easier and happier. you don't have to waste you energy on being mad at someone.
But have you ever thought or feel that you can never seem to forget. Even if you manage to forget for a moment when you see that person or something you instantly remember what happened! Its easy to forgive but it DAMN FREAKING HARD to forget.

Right now I can't bring myself to forget...and because i can't forget I find myself unable to forgive...Its frustrating. That is why I want to drown myself with new beginnings! I want to start a job and I also really want to go somewhere far for a long time... how do I forget? How do I forgive? after being betrayed...after I have trusted so much. I felt used... used and thrown away without gratitude. That is how I feel.

What do I do? live and let live....focus on the happy things. Ignore the unhappy ones because it is unworthy of my attention. Because i have trusted and I was so naive. It is unworthy of my attention because of its betrayal with unreasonable reasons.

looking ahead at the dusty road wondering what is beyond the horizon,
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