I CUT MY HAIR SHORT!!!! again.....

yea...but this time it looks SO much better =) hahaha isn't it a great way to begin the new year filled with new challenges with a brand new hair do?! the answer is YES YES YES!!!!

It was actually a very impromptu decision. This hair dresser was introduced to me by my piano teacher. I never thought of getting my hair chopped off! I thinking of getting highlights and a trim and probably some fringe. In the end the guy told me I can't have a short fringe cause i have a short forehead and my face is small. =.= so he suggested short hair etc etc etc and i look at my mum and she said why not? and i said okay! so the rest is hair history. I LOVE my HAIR! I'm still going to get highlights but not now...Finally when someone introduces something is
turns out right! The last time i got my hair cut by introduction it was DISASTROUS!!! I even cried because of it....yes it was that bad.



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