In the name of a king......

In The Name of The King....that was the movie I watch today with Lip Xin, Carr Men, Yen Leng, Jun Voon and Joo Cong. I wanted to get Lip Xin a present but I couldn't =( I have no idea what to get....I am feeling like such a bad friend. I'm sorry Lip Xin!

I went there at 11 am...I should learn to be like other not follow the time that people say...seriously! I lingered there for like 45 minutes, I went up and down left and right....until Yen Leng came up to me...and then i saw the rest of the guys and then Carr Men came.

The very first feeling I felt was like a FISH OUT OF WATER...I mean here are 5 seniors of mine who have known each other for quite some time....and I am the only one who is their junior....Choy Meng was suppose to come....but last minute say cannot...grrrrr It really felt weird, cause imagine walking alone and kind of being ignored at the beginning...

Do you think I am going to sulk and let myself feel like that???? of course NOT! =) so in the end it turned out okay... we went to Signature GSC which is located in the was nice and expensive!!! rm20... it is all twin sits....small cinema...creepy place cause there aren't that many people....basically if you have WAY too much cash go ahead and splurge there and it looks more like a place for LOVERS because of its twin sits. =) But the sits were worth it lar....comfy....big....lots of space....

The movie was had LOTR essence in it...a lot of LOTR essence. It was pleasant...but the ending was "that was it???!!!!" moment. The guy acted as a commander whose name i do not know is GOOD LOOKING! haha after that we went for lunch at a place call Chopstick Noodle House? It was quite okay...Lip Xin paid for it. Nice of him ain't it? Hugs for him... Thank you Lip Xin.

After lunch we split...the guys went on themselves...Yen Leng went to Metrojaya. Carr Men and I went to MPH. After I got the calendar my mum wanted I went off to the Gardens again. Alone. It feels different. I went to Isetan and then I went to Borders. I like Borders's concept....unlike MPH which is a little messy to me. Went to Borders and got 3 books! can't wait to start em'. Already started just can't wait to finish them!

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