I'm so freaking tired of everything!

I just need a break. I don't want to care anymore. I really don't and I don't give a shit. The past few weeks I have been helping my parents out and meeting ALL KINDS of people. There are people whom I really find annoying and UNREASONABLE but oh well. I just take it easy. I don't freaking care about them. I have to put on a heart of stone, be brave and just deal with it. Some of them are just plain rude and obnoxious. Some are just freakishly grumpy and ultimately sarcastic yet all I did was ignore them and not take it to heart. Just put on a smile and say thanks! thats all, end of story and life goes on.

So why am I feeling so uptight and stressed out? I know why....I just want to come home and leave everything behind and just regain my 'happiness'. If not I WILL GO INSANE. Home and the things I like to do is what keeps me SANE. Is it soooo harrrdddd to just let me do what I want for just a mere few hours??!! I mean I have always please other people and give in even though I shouldn't or rather not. But for once can't people give in to me and please me?!?! Yes I have been selfish before but I have realised my mistake and I'm doing my best to be some sort of saint and I am becoming better! I know I am. Forgive me for being so whiny. I'm being a bitch right now and I don't freaking care. I'm going to show my temper! a girl got to be a BITCH sometime...

I am having mood swings....I AM NOT PMS'ing! I am a person who have constant mood swing. One minute I can be happy and the other I'll be as cold and the north pole. I don't mean it...its in my horoscope. go look it up...I HAVE PROOF..! I effing stressed out at the moment. Well lets see...I failed my undang...whopee even though I studied, so crappy isn't it? I have to retake my grade 6 theory in March and I am stressing out because of that. I just don't feel like taking the exam right now. I know I have to find the time to study. Furthermore I have some "responsibilities" to do because I am not a child. argh...pissing me off. I know I would kind of regret saying all of these things but RIGHT NOW I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!

please let me cool down so I could be happy and get on with my life!
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