i want to go back to sch!

i want to go back to sch...=( i am missing school or at least i wish that i am starting my university/college life..pffft right now i am at home rotting! I absolutely hate it, my brain feels empty and my brain cells are probably dying off... If i am not going to start my work any day i might as well help my parents. I get paid either way *wink* but i really want to start work at the hotel to gain experience and all those shit. I want to feel how is it like to work in a foreign situation and to see whether i can handle it.

Nowadays i am at home...doing housework,watching tv ( A LOT of TV) @.@ and just lazing...shit I am officially a COUCH POTATO! I am gaining weight too! lolx sounds so ... ugh...got to get my ass out of the house! seriously...i am beginning to dislike how i am behaving everyday! blegh... My life pretty much revolves around the couch area. Yuck ! yuck! yuck!!!

I have to admit that i am pretty envious of my friends who already started their college...lolx cause it sounds fun!!! I can't wait to start mine...I am almost blogging everyday which kind of shows how am i spending my spare time... oh dear...I feel so behind everything. Plus i am the type of person who HATES boredom and likes to stay ahead with things. I like the busy life even if i complain about it. hah!

going to drown myself to practice piano. :) with the time i have now i should AT LEAST IMPROVE my piano playing..lolx

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