awwww year 2007 has taken its bow and has left the stage. Now its 2008's turn to be the in the spotlight... I thank year 2007 for allowing me to mature and to understand myself more. Of course i wouldn't say 2007 was the best year but there are many more years to come for me to succeed and screw up.

on new year's eve i went to sean's house...for the countdown....
on new year's say i went to malacca =)
today....i was suppose to start work...but i didn't....i haven't receive news yet but i hope i get to start =) i want to get as much exposure and experience before i head to college. I am worried that my results might suck and i wont get into the university that i want to go...although i'm saying that malacca is so far away etc etc i actually can't wait to start there. There are moments where i wish i could leave this all behind and start anew...sometimes things happen and it makes you think. Think real hard and it might and it will hurt you but we have to stand strong and take it!
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