time and tide waits for no man

Time and tide waits for no man...

wow...its already 30th december 2007. It kind of feels like "oh my gosh...this year i am having SPM" it is just so dream like somehow. What are we doing now? we're going to college or waiting to go for college and most of us have went for NS. I'm going to miss them. 3 months can do wonders. Right now is the time to sit back and pull ourselves away from the busy life style that we put ourselves into everyday. Be it going out shopping, watching a touching movie with friends or going to parties, we should just sit back and reflect the 'moments' that has passed for the last 12 months.

tomorrow Sean is having a new year's count down/party and yes i'm going. Unfortunately i wont be able to take any photos because i lend my camera to my bro's gf....my second bro,his gf and a few of their colleagues went some sort of back packing trip to Cambodia! So lucky!!! i wanna go too....'sulking' but oh well...my family actually planned a trip to go Thailand for CNY but it got canceled cause there wasn't a flight back....boo! Plus i'm starting work on the 2nd! so fast! not only that...some of my friends are starting college real soon.....=(

I have finally decided where I am going to study and what i am going to study. Hopefully i don't change my mind. =) I'm going to study at Multimedia University or also known as MMU. thanks to my bro i manage to check out a few colleges and universities. one of them was taylors...and I'm sorry to taylorians and soon to be taylorians but i don't really like the place. I also decided to forgo my choice of interior design...

wahhh so sucky...i don't know what to blog already..haha

next post coming up...prom pics...yea i noe...very late....haha

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