SKBBSP 1 gathering....

I was suppose to do this post yesterday but I was busy doing a tag! lol

yesterday was my primary school's was a very 'awwww' moment...this shows that I wasn't the only one that misses some part of "ye ol' days" =P and its good to keep in touch with long lost friends!

I'm sorry to those who could not make it and didn't know about it. I wasn't one of the organizers but don't fret! There are many more gatherings to come!!!

All of us met up at the Gardens.

US as in :
  • Me!
  • Leka!
  • Caroline!
  • Melanie!
  • Suet Fong!
  • Lynnett!
  • Ka Wah!
  • Enoch!
  • Wee Yik
  • Prem!
  • Denesh!
  • Narresh!
okay...I hope I did not miss out anyone!!!! let me know if I did.

Leka and I were like trying to find our way to the Gardens...I think she knows Mid Valley way much better than I do! =P

this is us taking a pic of our reflection on the bridge to the Gardens. Isn't it nice? I lurve it!!

this is us! on the bridge. cam whoring rox!

we're waiting....and waiting...for the rest....

this is suet fong =)

Narresh and Prem! Prem is the one with the super hot fedora!

need no intro. you know who we are. friends for 12 years!!! since the kinder yrs ppl!

I was actually starving cause I missed my breakfast! Leka was starving as well but we waited till everyone came...see what angels we are? hahaha

we met up with Lynnett in MV itself. We actually decided to go eat at Nando's but it was full! boo! so we were thinking like Kenny Rogers,Burger King, McDonalds..etc...personally I usually don't eat fast food in a mall... it just feels weird. Like you travel so far to a nice place just to eat KFC???!!!

So in the end we settled for Chili's! yummmm but when we arrived there it was FULL!!! omgosh...we have to wait like about an hour plus to get a place for about 13 ppl??!! SO, finally we agreed to go eat at All Stars..They have place...hmmm it shows how UNpopular All Stars is compared to Chili's.."winks"

We ordered our food and drinks...and super boo! We weren't allowed to order cocktails..=( Only 18 yrs and above are allowed...but I'm 17 and a half...doesn't that count as 18??! i guess not. In the end I ordered MOCKTAILS....and it is called....PUSSY FOOT...wakakaka...Leka burst into laughter when I told her I was ordering that... It sounds interesting doesn't it??

Tadaa! Pussy Foot =P

Ka Wah and Enoch!!! Enoch looks so cute here =)

Leka. she claims she does not like this photo..pfft...hehe

A pic of the guys! all bloody posers! haha currently I am waiting for the pic of the girls! the one taken frm mine was so blur!!!

Guys and their love for balls! I mean FOOTBALL!!!! geezz

Darling Lynnett and I !!

We went bowling after that. STATEMENT: I AM HORRIBLE AT BOWLING! seriously....I suck at it..omgosh so embarrassing man. haha so yuck.

Wee Yik had to go back early. =(
then Prem had to go back..He is still as tall as ever. I miss his Fedora....=(
we went to Pets Wonderland.
we went and meet up with Jason for awhile...Jason Ooi I mean. There we saw Ethan..and their instructor was CUTE!!! all the girls were drooling over him...we kept dragging on the time just to stare...o.O
as we were walking Narresh and Denesh had to go...oh well

As we were walking we went to an accessories shop. girl stuff...

Luckily I manage to take this photo! Cause after that the lady told us we can't.
L-R:Carol,Lynnett,Huei Wenn,Leka

they were waiting for us...awww sho shweett... gentlemen in training!

So we went to go Yum Cha @ Starbucks!!! hehe but while we were drinking....I was drinking toffee nut...yummmm I lurve it...Carol had to go cause her dad came and so Suet Fong and Melanie went as well. So left the 5 of us. Ka Wah, Enoch,Lynnett, Leka and I.

but we had fun!!! we kept chatting and chatting and chatting....chatted about spirits and haunted schools...omgosh...I GOT THE CHILLS MAN. seriously.....

then we all went to MPH, I needed to buy some christmas presents for my aunt and uncle. =)

I was buying a doll...the DOODOLLS...they are cute....I am going to get one for myself!!!hehe
I bought 5 candy for me and each for my friends...I feel good...

Leka was the only one that can fit into the santa hat...=( it was for kids...lucky!

haha this is my FAVE photo! she just shoved Angelina Jolie off the #1 place for juiciest lips!


yummy candy!! we love candy canes!

ooo super bright! you can see my eye bag..hahaha

sexy lady and her candy!

Leka and Lynnett!

haha candid betul!

I don't know where was I looking...

After all that it was 7 something at night! we spent the whole day in Mid Valley. After fetching Leka home the three of us[mummy,daddy and I] went for grill and a place called RESTORAN TALIPON.

FYI: Don't go there! I mean it is actually not that bad if it was CLEANER...they do have a lot of varieties. But the yuckiest part...i mean seriously the most disgusting part was when my dad took the tissue to clean the pan that was used to grill and it was brown and icky! yuck...It looks as though it was never cleaned before...EWWWW

see the tissues used to clean???? omgosh. I totally lost my appetite. eeewww!

reached home and camwhored!=)

dreaming with my candy cane. I had fun! MUACKX to all of you..I had fun!

"I'm dreaming of a white christmas"
dreaming of all things beautiful. Dreaming of all the good times.
Thank you for everything.

The truth does set you free. I said so because it has set me free. I don't feel awkward anymore. I may not know my true feelings for now but I know I have become happier knowing what I did was right. Thank you for understanding and thank you for letting me do the right thing. Thank you for not affecting the friendship but instead making it better. I am grateful.


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