i got tagged!! by kimberly..hehe a photo tag..first time..haha this should be interesting!

lets see
  1. Last picture taken of yourself

taken by: me
when was it taken?: probably before spm? i was studying+playing with camera =P
where was it taken? : in my bro's room..i temporarily hijacked it to study!

2. A picture with your friends
when was it taken? : this year, Sandra's farewell party
who are they? : many lar! all are my classmates! except a few like sher and ivan

3. A picture of you in a fitting room

4. A pic of you with Xmas tree decors or X mas tree decors
well its not me....the pic has not been sent to me yet so this will just
where was it? : Mid Valley

5.A picture of you doing peace sign

6. A picture of you in B&W

did you take it in B&W or photoshop? : photoshop =P

7. A picture of you in sch uniform(if already graduate, then go get your photo from the report card)
my 'never to do it again'

8. A picture of you doing weird things
what are u doing? : mimicking the statue!

9. A picture of you wearing pink

omgosh...i almost never wear pink..i only found this...

10. A picture of you wearing black

haha i wore black today!!!!

11. A picture of you wearing orange

12. A picture of you wearing red

closed eyes! hehe but i still like this pic! see...promoting coca cola...even though i don't like drinking it!

hmmm i would like to tag:
carr men!
lip xin!
lu shen!
shu fen!

woo many random ppl to tag! have fun ppl!

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