i totally fell asleep last night while i was chatting with my friends on MSN. I just went to my room, lie down on the bed and i just slept. SORRY!!! didn't mean to just disappear like that. >.<

yesterday, my mum and I went to IOI mall to get my makeup products for prom. I am not going to go for professional makeup. Mum kind of did not allow. Oh well =) I'm fine with that. Went to Body Shop to get concealer, foundation and blusher. Went to SaSa to get 2-in1 base and top coat and then we went to Elianto to get some eye shadow plus nail polish! haha 5 bucks per nail polish is freaking worth it!

Well today my so called mission is to clear my books and my war zone room. nyahaha! it is such a mess right now. I just started 2 days ago and I need to continue because it is a sight for sore eyes. I am going to finish my chores! hehe hopefully i get to post a before and after picture later! =)

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