with curly hair
a lil weird? i guess..lol
a lil too mature...hmmmm

SPM is almost over...I just had my art paper today...Paper 2. Just one more to go! but its considered over anyway...lol

I'm semi rotting anyway. I need to be ACTIVE. I cannot just stay at home and do nothing. It is IMPOSSIBLE. Tomorrow I'm going shopping! wee~ this whole week going shopping...wakakaka...

I don't think my holidays will be so wasted...

  • Practice piano! cause I'm having a major exam next year!!!
  • driver's license[this is a must!]
  • prom shopping and shopping itself...
  • my jane austen novels.
  • get fit!!! hehehe
  • figure out my life...
  • revamp my room...or more like make it nicer
oh yea...parents are pestering me to find a part time job...sobs... oklar..i'll get one...just for experience sake and according to my parents to prepare me for the real world.. so mood killing only. grrr

omgosh, yesterday got a few friends went to Pn Normaliza's house...I didn't get to go..pfft...not fair.. I wasn't told earlier..oh well. On monday we're planning to go! I'm not going to miss it this time. No way! She's fun. Not like the strict teacher we used to see in form 2 & 3.

hmm I really have no idea what else to write. Everybody's writing about how SPM is over...bla bla bla...so why write it if everyone has written it..

I want to watch Enchanted. Patrick Dempsey[i hope i got it right] is gorgeous! I want to watch the Golden Compass. I luurrrvvveee Nicole Kidman...so many other movies...now the tv got nothing to watch..so boring..all the shows are like blegh...only certain period there interesting movies...

man i'm talking crap now...i better go before some ridiculous nonsense appear.

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