well I have officially turn into a nocturnal creature.
As i have told in the earlier post, i manage to wake up. so guess what time i slept?
i slept at about 5/6 in the morning...
i spent the whole about 4 hrs chatting online,preparing for art exam,add maths and reading biology.
Quite a good progress don't you think. i think it was quite okay.
Except for the part where my body automatically wakes up at 8 or 9 in the morning. Now i'm officially awake but freaking tired.
I even had to miss my piano class. lol...i just called my piano teacher and surprisingly my mum called also. hehe.
My teacher made an interesting offer. She will be going for an event in KLCC for girls...darn i don't remember the name. SEE HOW TIRED I AM??!!
anyway should i go? i'm not sure. I'll have to checked with my mum...
initially emily,xin yun and i wanted to go. Emily's mum got tickets. hmmmm oh well..still a loooonnnggg way to go.
i have to survive through this week first!


Happy Holidays to those not taking SPM
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